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Welcome To Perfect Gaming!
 Hello and welcome to Perfect Gaming, home of such fabulous gamers ;) TEEHEE. Anyways, this is our current website, we will be upgrading our website and many other features, as soon as out Firefall and Guild Wars 2 branches come ALIVE! Perfect Gaming welcomes all players from casual to hardcore players alike, from the west coast to the east coast of all over the world! (See what I did there?). 

   We currently have a different set of forums that is not set in this website at the moment, because we feel that our current forum is much MUCH more pleasant to the eyes, and easier to read =] I know that means more than two sign ups, but HEY WE ARE A TIGHT KNIT FAMILY =] We are a happppyyy fammillyy!  

     The forum is located here ! SO COME SIGN UP ALREADY YOU LAZY BUMS!


    We are currently only recruiting for three games (remember we are a multi-gaming community!) which are going to be released in the near future, and they are :

Guild Wars 2 :
Perfect Gaming, A.K.A Prodigy/Freedom Hunters, is currently recruiting for Guild Wars 2! Looking for a mighty fine guild to run explorables while capturing mighty keeps and towers? We are the place to join! We are recruiting hardcore and casual gamers alike, for both PvP (mainly) and PvE! All we ask is that you follow the rules (especially the activity rule!) which can be located at the left hand side of the screen under the INFORMATION tab, and have a mic for making fun of other members! Huzzah!

We are currently located on Anvil's Rock, and we will continue to be on Anvils Rock for release!

Guild Wars 2 Recruitment Thread
Will be up when the official GW2 forums finally launch, (maybe GW2guru).

Firefall :
 We are also currently recruiting for ANOTHER yet to be released but in beta game called Firefall, which is a "sandbox" mmo fps/tps shooter that is set in the future. We are currently recruiting potential members who  both enjoy the game and are focused on PvP while not forgetting about PvE! 

How To Join?:
 Just send in an application by either registering at or at

Soul Captor :

 Anime mmorpg? Hell yesss! We are recruiting loyal and active members to another awesome branch of our Prodigy family, and this time for the game published by Beanfun UK : Soul Captor! Our server will be TBA, but it will be most likely be the most populated server in the game :D Level requirement will be level 20+ for the first day, and then I will update it later on.

~We are looking forward to being with you guys =]


As with the recent release with Repulse (Genesis A.D. relaunch on AeriaGames) we will be now accepting applicants for our  Repulse branch.

Also, we have removed our forums here, and made a new and better forum! All users are urged to apply at ! Also, everyone should register, it's time for more communication!

Click HERE ( for the forums!

If you are interested in joining our Prodigy branch in Repulse, please apply and check the forums up top for more information! 

Repulse is another Sci-Fi shooter with some unique aspects! It is currently on it's way to open beta at the date of this posted.

javascript:void(0) Head onto for more information on the game!

 Firefall is a "team-based action shooter" featuring "hundreds of players" completing objectives and battling to the death in a "dynamic open world.

 Want to join in the awesome pvp/pve fun? Head on to and register for the beta!
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wolfguy7, Jan 20, 12 5:58 PM.
Our repulse branch has been successfully created on 16/01/2012.

Feel free to apply on our website!


wolfguy7, Dec 24, 11 8:39 PM.
So it has been awhile! Around 2-3 months since the last post! If you guys are still interested, please check out the link below for our firefall army thread! If you guys didn't know, we are still recruiting and firefall has roughly started a month ago, we do have some extra invites to send out! Stop by our vent!

Army Thread :


wolfguy7, Sep 3, 11 1:19 AM.
Our forums seem a little dead and empty, so I highly encourage you guys and come visit and post something!

On your mark, get set, GO!

Also, since I have gotten in the closed beta (yes I gave my invite), if you also get in, please head on to our ventrilo located a the top right of our website, it will tell you our IP and Port. So come on in!


wolfguy7, Aug 28, 11 8:25 PM.
Roster has been reset for firefall.

Please add in your characters for firefall.

How to?:

Go to roster --> Update Characters --> At the top click members --> Click New --> Put in your characters --> Good job you did it!


wolfguy7, Aug 22, 11 8:37 PM.
All current members, add yourselves to the roster, currently it is only for Dragon Nest, but feel free to still add your IGN's if you are from other games like firefall!
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Guild Wars 2: R> Potential members who are focused mainly on WvWvW and sPvP! FireFall: R> Recruits who are focused on mainly PvP, but we welcome casual and hardcore members ranging from PvE to PvP alike =]
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